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Comparing a Regular Photo Booth and a 360 Photo Booth

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Are you planning a wedding? Or an upcoming corporate event? We know that a key component to a great event is the entertainment! Photo Booths are popular option to any event to ensure your guests are entertained with memories that last forever.

There are many different Photo Booth options available and we are here to break down the differences you should consider when choosing between hiring a Regular Photo Booth or a 360 Photo Booth.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

360 Photo Booth is a new and innovative way to capture your event through a digital short film video created on the spot. Unlike a regular photo booth, instead of receiving a small print out of images, your video is sent directly to your mobile so you can share it instantly on socials.

What is a Regular Photo Booth?

A Photo Booth is no doubt an event staple - we are calling it ‘regular’ here but it is far from regular - it is always the entertainment that brings guests together to take memorable selfies and photos throughout the night.

Content Output

The 360 Photo Booth is a virtual digital video that is sent direct to your mobile so you can share it on socials. A regular photo booth allows you to take something home as a memorable gift from the event and stick it on your fridge! We like both - and good news is, both usually allow you to download and access the event digitally on a hosted library.


The cost of a 360 Photo Booth will vary depending on your location, venue, event type and hiring time. Typically, 360 Photo Booth is more expensive than a regular photo booth as it requires enhanced technical supervision, product insurance and more complex set up and pack down. If you’re looking for a lower cost option, a regular photo booth tends me more affordable, with the options to add on extra such as props and backgrounds.

Size and space

Depending on your event venue, the size and space you have available for a photo booth is critical to making your decision. In general, the 360 Photo Booth requires more space (a minimum space of 3.5. x 3.5m) as the spinning arm can be a hazard if guests are walking by and interrupting the photo booth. It is highly recommended that there is a dedicated section that is blocked off for the 360 Photo Booth. On the other hand, a Regular Photo Booth can come in many different shape and sizes. Most Photo Booth companies will be able to provide an option that will fit in your location including a smaller model such as a digital Photo Booth, or a larger model with a personalised backdrop.


Photo Booths are essential to every great event and ensures that your event memories last forever. When comparing between a Regular Photo Booth and a 360 Photo Booth, it is key to compare the cost, size and space to ensure it makes sense practically. But at the end of the day, you should think about your audience and guests - what would they like? What Photo Booth will ensure that they have the most fun?

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